WEEE are iLembe

WEEE are iLembe is an initiative focused on increasing the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in iLembe, South Africa.

WEEE are iLembe started as an initiative of the Sustainable Recycling Industries (SRI) programme. The goal of the SRI programme is to create an enabling environment and better conditions for developing sustainable recycling industries for e-waste and related types of waste in developing nations.

Many people don’t know much about e-waste and how to correctly handle it, which can lead to it being stored or disposed of incorrectly and ending up in landfills. There is also limited information about the amount of e-waste that is generated and recycled.

To fix this problem, WEEE are iLembe aims to create partnerships that will support development of the local e-waste industry in iLembe, South Africa.

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Our Goal

The goal of WEEE iLembe is to educate all types of WEEE generators (including households, schools, businesses and government) on safe and proper disposal of e-waste and to encourage the release and diversion of greater volumes of WEEE.

This will lead to increased recycling and beneficiation of e-waste in iLembe, resulting in a healthier and safer environment and new opportunities for small, medium, and micro-sized businesses (SMMEs).

Our Vision

We aim to promote zero e-waste to landfill in iLembe by encouraging collaboration, enhancing awareness and promoting increased collection that will lead to an increase in compliant e-waste recycling, new economic opportunities and environmental sustainability.

Our Objectives

Our main objectives revolve around enhancing awareness and education on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) in iLembe, South Africa. We believe that by sharing knowledge, information, and resources, we can facilitate and support awareness campaigns that promote sustainable practices and reduce the negative impact of WEEE on the environment.

We want to create and share data, information, knowledge and resources to enhance awareness about WEEE recycling.

By doing this and working with our partners, we seek to create an enabling environment to motivate additional WEEE collection mechanisms in iLembe.

We want to ensure that the WEEE industry is sufficiently represented as a key stakeholder to shape national and local policies and strategies, especially in the context of strengthening local by-laws to encourage more WEEE recycling.

Finally, we strive to create a multi-stakeholder platform for engagement between all spheres of government, local business, PROs, households, academia and informal sector organisations

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Our Partners

We’re looking for partners, WEEE recyclers, formal and informal collectors and anyone interested in making a difference in the WEEE landscape.